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Tomah Wisconsin Cranberry Machine welding and custom fabrication from Cochems Welding


Cochems Welding and Custom Fabrication has a passion for design. We provide integrated engineering and fabrication services. For generations, Cochems Welding & Custom Fabrication has been manufacturing, repairing, modifying and installing custom metal fabrications and weldments. We excel in highly custom metal fabrication projects that require creative solutions.

Benefits of Cochems Welding & Custom Fabrication Design Services:

Quality Design = Quality Products + Cost Savings + Project Efficiency + On Time Delivery

We Excel In the Following Services:

1. Portable Welding – We offer in-field mig welding services for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. We can also do portable plasma cutting.

2. CNC Plasma Cutting – We can pierce a 3/4″ plate and edge start on 1″ plate with quality cuts. The largest sheet of steel we can cut is 4′ x 8′. We do custom part design to meet need, and decorative art.

3. Steel Mig Welding – Most welds are done with pulse mig welding to reduce splatter and increase part fusion. However there are welds that need to be standard mig welded and we can do that also.

4. Aluminum Welding, is also done 99% of the time with pulse mig, we still get less splatter but this allows us to weld a wider range of thicknesses, from a hole in 2″ irrigation pipe to 1/2″ plate

5. MachiningCNC Machining – We can machine custom contour parts up to 50″ long in a single set up to meet our customer’s needs. Additionally, we can slot shafts for key ways or other needs, precision hole drilling / boring within tolerances of + or – .005

Metal Geniuses

Metals we frequently work with are: stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.

Heavy Plate Fabrications – Any Size, Any Specifications

We can fabricate any size project with any type of specifications – any thickness, any type of material, any configuration. We thrive on working with clients that have challenging custom projects that require special design input, unusual manufacturing requirements or special quality criteria.

Specialty Heavy Plate Fabricator

  • Welding aluminum plate
  • Mild steel plate
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Engineering
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